Display cover bezel - Korg M1

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Display cover bezel for Korg M1 synthesizer.
Original used part in good condition.
The circuit board has been tested by us and is fully functional. You receive a one-year warranty on this board.
The warranty expires after damage to or removal of the void seal, therefore an exchange or return of this board is excluded.

Important information! Electronic assemblies are sensitive to electrostatic charge.
Please observe the regulations on ESD handling.
Replacing the circuit board requires detailed specialist knowledge and may only be carried out by specially trained personnel. If you do not have this qualification, do not attempt to carry out the replacement yourself, but use the help of professional companies.
We will be happy to replace the assembly. Contact us using the contact form.
Proceed with caution when replacing the circuit board to avoid damaging the device and the associated components. Before replacing the circuit board, disconnect all poles of the instrument from the mains supply (pull out the mains plug)!

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